This. Is. Tomisina.

Tomisina Lynn is a multi-published professional photographer based out of Durham, North Carolina. She has always had a passion for photography, and at the young age of sixteen she had her first professional photoshoot. Since that day her knowledge, skill, and passion has grown dramatically to transform her into the artist she is today. One look at her work shows her natural ability to capture the perfect image every time.


After attending the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Tomisina began working at Strawbridge Studios, Inc. in 2009. Her talents and dedication were easily recognized and she quickly became a lead photographer in the Wake County area. Her responsibilities consist of photographing senior, underclass, sports, and classroom group portraits, communicating and planning with schools, leading and assisting fellow photographers, conveying special requests to the imaging lab, and attending sales calls with potential and existing clients. In January 2013, Tomisina became a member of Professional Photographers of America and became certified shortly after. In 2020, Tomisina became a part of the Strawbridge Studios Train The Trainer program and helps to train new and existing photographers across the country. Her training includes beginning and advanced techniques for studio lighting and off camera flash, posing and photographing every age from babies to adults.


Outside of Strawbridge Studios, Tomisina also runs Tomisina Lynn Photography. Through this personal business she photographs weddings, family portraits, conventions, fundraisers, and many other events. Currently, she is the official photographer for Enchanted Wishes and she is the Director of Photography for The Variant. She is also a member of Enchanted Wishes and enjoys creating her own costumes and participating in events with them. 


No matter what she is doing, Tomisina gives each task her all. Photography isn't her job - it's her passion, her dream, her life. Tomisina will always be able to capture the perfect image of each subject that she has the pleasure of photographing, helping to tell their story or forever capture the memory of their special occasion. Let her show you how she sees the world!

Photo by Greenfield Photography